Why your vapor is too harsh, and possible solutions



Are you inhaling vapor that is hitting your throat very hard, or is really difficult to inhale? This is quite a common problem and can be caused by a variety of issues, including but not limited too:

  • Airflow problems with your vaporizer device.
  • Nicotine content: you have way too much nicotine in your e-juice.
  • Too much PG or too much VG in your juice, or an imbalance of the two.
  • You’ve set the voltage way too high on your vaporizer device.
  • Your coil in your vaporizer device has burnt out.

The good news is all of these problems are easily solvable with the right actionable steps, and we can diagnose the problem step by step, starting with airflow problems with your vaporizer device.

Airflow problems and solutions

It could be the case that your vaporizer device does not have proper airflow running through it. Most vape devices have options that will allow you to open the airways of the device for a smoother inhale. If the airflow is closed off, you get a stronger vapor hit then if it is opened up, which may be the reason for the harsh inhale.

Nicotine concentration problems and solutions

If the nicotine content in your ejuice is too high, this will likely result in a very harsh throat hit. Especially if you are new to nicotine, this may cause throat discomfort. On your e-juice bottle, the nicotine content will display. If the nicotine content is higher than 6mg (e.g. 12mg, 18mg, 24mg), consider buying an e-juice with a lower nicotine content, max at 6mg, from a certified manufacturing company This should help provide a smoother vape hit.

PG/VG ratio problems and solutions

If the PG/VG ratio in your e-juice is off, you may have a unnecessarily harsh inhale. If there is a lot higher PG concentration than VG in your juice, this may be the cause. This is because PG is what governs the flavor in your e-juice, and VG is more about vapor volume. Consider buying a juice with a higher VG concentration for a smoother hit.

Voltage problems and solutions

Most modern vaping devices allow you to set the temperature at which your coil heats up. Most coils list the wattage range that you should set your device on with that specific coil. If you set the wattage higher than what is recommended, this may be the reason for the harsh hit. Consider lowering the wattage to the recommended levels for a clearer and smoother inhale.

Vaporizer coil problems and solutions

If you have been vaping for a while without any problems, and all of a sudden the vapor is coming out with a harsh inhale, this may be due to problems with your coil burning out. Coils on your vape have a much smaller lifetime than your vaporizer device, and need be changed after some use. Changing your coil in this case to a fresh new one should provide a much smoother throat hit.

If all else fails, head over to your local vape shop and ask the attendant to do a diagnosis on your vape device and juice. The problem should be identified pretty quickly with a proper solution offered. A leader in the vaping industry, recommends not to inhale vapor that you feel is too harsh on your throat. If you feel like the inhale is too harsh, then there is likely a problem that you need to solve before you continue vaping.

Is Second Hand Vaping Dangerous

second hand vaping

Second hand vaping is an interesting topic for a lot of people. Is it really dangerous as some people say it is? Is it really that bad and does it really transmit harmful metals through the air as some studies have reported? It seems that the media wants for nothing more than vaping to fail and while I’m sure the cigarette companies would love that, how many of these claims are valid or true? Well recently, there was yet another controversy stating that over exposure to vapor or second hand vapor had some health effects that were very negative. Here we go again, this is just like when people would drown people and call them witches.

So, to determine whether or not second hand vaping is dangerous, we have to determine exactly what people are inhaling first. It’s been shown in a study that people in crowded areas around vapors do actually inhale nicotine. However, it’s just nicotine and it’s in very small doses. It doesn’t have anywhere near the effect of smoking. When people blow smoke near you, you’re definitely getting the full effect from that. You’re getting a ton of nicotine with a whole lot of other stuff that you didn’t want into your lungs.

No, second hand vaping is not dangerous at all. Remember that all of these research and scientific studies have to be taken with a grain of salt. You can’t trust every single one of them because there’s a lot of bias going on between research centers. Some people want to believe that smoking is bad for you and some people want to believe that vaping is bad for you. Well, you don’t have to believe that smoking is bad for you, it’s really bad for you and kills a lot of Americans (and people in other countries) every single day. Not year, that’s a day as in 24 hours as to when that kills people.

The reason you see so many of these reports and so many of these insane claims is because you probably watch biased media that promotes smoking. A lot of people today smoke and vapors are vastly outnumbered. However, that number is starting to change and there’s nothing the smoking companies can do about it. What are they going to do, but every single vape shop in the world and shut them down? More would just open up and more people would post online content about how to create their own vapes. It’s relatively easy and cost effective to do.

Then, you have the people stating that there are metals in the air, there are other harmful chemicals that are being transmitted through the air and people are breathing in all kinds of things. This is absolutely false and it has been proven through numerous studies. The ONLY thing people breathe in from second hand vaping is literally just nicotine.  You don’t have to believe the crazy lies implemented by biased news sources trying to make vaping look awful for some reason.

Types Of Weed Vaporizer Pens To Choose From

weed vaporizers

Once you have the recommendation to use medicinal weed, chances are you have symptoms that will be decreased when you use a weed vaporizer pen. However, lots of people fail to identify that the usual methods of smoking are very dangerous, and that is the very reason several professionals are recommended to use a weed vaporizer pen as much as possible.

The reason for this is that when utilizing a glass tube or a water tube or a cover you are smoking the plant’s materials that cause a chemical response and the discharge of dangerous substances while in a weed vaporizer pen it does not burn the material. Moreover, you are breathing vapor from the heated fluid. There is no flame in using this vaporizer. It’s just the heating part that vaporizes the crystal on the leaves. This device doesn’t burn the leaf itself, therefore decreasing the dangerous carcinogens that are normally released in smoking cigarettes.

vape penAlso, regarding proficiency, you don’t necessitate as much. This tool is advisable specifically for individual with diseases as you don’t desire to enhance the possibilities of acquiring some other diseases. Common smoking causes many troubles for your robustness. You can receive herb vaporizer in many online head shops. The good concerning of acquiring this tool online is that you have many choices to pick from and avail good costs. But all tools do the same task; there are some that do their duty much better compare to others.

All of these aspects will greatly depend on your requirements and budget. If you contain lots of cash, acquire the volcano vaporizer. It is the best product that is obtainable in several head shops. Some tools that are important of being declared are the V-tower weed vaporizer pen and Iolite vaporizer, and these are both best-selling products because of its feature and affordability. Moreover, good brand of herb vaporizer is known as 7th-floor weed vaporizer pen that is the manufacturer of Silver Surfer and Da Buddha Vaporizers.

Alternatively, these tools are very groundbreaking now and arrive with a digital monitor temperature and easy instructions. Buying devices are a good asset since it’s not merely paid for itself finally, however eventually it diminishes the strength dangers related with smoking. This is somewhat that every smoker must have. You will not get back once you acquire this device, and you will achieve a better tank, less coughing, and a lengthy effect.

Just be wary when using the device that you don’t grasp too much since of its soft tang and many individual misjudge its functionality. Herb vaporizers are the good thing to arrive for those who preferred to guide a better way of life. Furthermore, lots of markets have a broad selection, free delivery and commonly include a gift such as a herb crusher with every buy.